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Hi Everyone!

I am the Executive Director at VegFund and I am thrilled that we will be meeting here at the Forum! VegFund looks forward to learning from everyone who participates as we all endeavor to make the world a better place for all. See you online! Leslie
Hi everyone!

Really appreciate this forum being made available, well done placing it up.

I'm Haz from Aylesbury in the UK. I help to organise an outreach stall that is supported by Vegfund and the Vegan Society. It's held every first Saturday of the month during the warmer months and is going well :)

I look forward to sharing knowledge and engaging with others ✌️
Hi, I'm Steve from New Jersey. Thanks for this forum! I'm the founder and president of NJveg, a new all-volunteer non-profit in NJ. Our mission is Advocacy: educating the public on the benefits of a plant-based diet via free literature, speakers, and more; and providing support to those in transition and Social: providing opportunities to volunteer, share meals, and join in other activities. We just had our first outreach event supported by VegFund! We look forward to more of these and working with other advocates. Website: NJveg.org; email: NJveg.org@gmail.com
Hello! My name is Fernanda from El Paso, Texas, USA;
I have been involved in environmental advocacy for a while with organizations like Sierra Club and the Citizens Climate Lobby and a couple local ones here in the border town. Since I turned vegan 2 years ago, I have thought "this is really the solution we need for all of the world's problems".
I am super excited to say that my best friend and I are taking a step to actually making vegan advocacy go further, by implementing our lobbying knowledge to push a comprehensive solution through the political system, Congress and beyond. After reading Meatonomics and finding out about how crooked the meat industry is we have decided to advocate about the unfair economics behind the growing meat consumption in the US, and start the Planting Solutions Group!
The use of citizen power may be the best way to regulate the industry and end the growing craze for meat, particularly in the US. We want to teach more vegans and environmentalists to use their power to make a legislative and educational change with us to move the status quo to a greener, healthier world.
Right now, it is still a work in progress but if you are at all interested in helping us out please reach out to me!
Sounds amazing. Hope it goes well and would love to hear how things progress.