The Vegfest Organizers forum came to life based on input we (VegFund) received from our grantees who do the fabulous work of planning and implementing vegfests around the world.

The concept is for the forum to serve as a place for in-depth and ongoing conversation among vegfests organizers in a way that's not always possible with social media platforms.

The goal is to tap into the deep well of experience of vegfest organizers and share information among organizers at all stages of vegfests: start-ups, struggling, transitioning, and established. From this knowledge base, VegFund hopes to develop substantial “toolkit” of resources, such as trainings/webinars, checklists, templates, lists of valuable contacts, etc. that we'll share with all.

Join the discussion. Help us get this rolling!

Please take a moment and introduce yourself. Tell us what vegfest(s) you work with, your plans for this year, where you could support and information — whatever suits your fancy.

This is all-new. We're learning too! Direct your questions and suggestions to
I am incredibly excited to see this forum grow!

My name is Amy Meyer, and I am the Director of Utah Animal Rights Coalition (UARC), and the lead organizer of our SLC VegFest, coming up quick on September 8th. This is our third annual free SLC VegFest, and we anticipate more than 5,000 attendees. I've been an animal rights activist in Utah for 12 years.

This year we are doing a cooking demonstration for the first time, and I would love to hear any tips other organizers have learned to make it successful. We have to do it outside, but have a nice amphitheater area for it.

I know I can learn so much from other organizers, and I hope to be able to help others as well!