Please do:
  • Provide insights and your experience on the discussion topics already presented on the VON forum
  • Start as many new conversations threads and discussion topics as you would like! The platform can handle complexity
  • Pose questions to other organizers
  • Invite other vegfest organizers to join the forum
  • Offer concrete examples from your experience as a vegfest organizer
  • Attach documents that serve as useful examples for strategy development, marketing, budgets, volunteer management organizational charts, etc.
  • Continue, as you have, to post commentary and questions to the Large Veg Fest Organizers Facebook group, where VegFund will snag ideas from time to time to expand within the Vegfest Organizers forum.
AND, contact if you have questions or issues using the forum. This is new to us, too, so we may find some kinks to work out!